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You Are Deadpool TP

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(W) Al Ewing (A) Salva Espin, Paco Diaz (CA) Scott Wilson.

Do you ever want to be Deadpool?! Of course you do! Well, now's your chance - in this amazing role-playing romp! YOU decide what choices Deadpool makes! YOU keep track of your scores as the story unfolds! YOU roll dice to combat various foes - and we're watching, so no cheating! Determine your own destiny as you travel through Marvel history as Deadpool himself?meeting the Hulk in the swinging '60s! Smelling Man-Thing in the swampy '70s! Looking up Daredevil in the hard-boiled '80s! And more! Just be sure to avoid the many bad endings you could fall into?or suffer the consequences! Collecting YOU ARE DEADPOOL #1-5.

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